J. Ryan Caplinger

about the author

Ryan was born April 7, 1973  in a little rural town of West Union Ohio, he grew up broken as a child but no matter what he went through, he did not allow himself to succumb to his dark past. Though it took many years for him to understand there was a reason for his existence on this earth that he had his own purpose to tell a story. He has a voice that every generation can relate to. Years later Ryan learned his worth and that he is an amazing human being full of heart and kindness and will now stop at nothing in order to fulfill his dreams. Ryan learned that no matter what abuse we go through in life, that we have the power within ourselves to forgive and let go and take life as a gift and live it to the fullest extent. Through these stories you will be able to feel and envision and relate to the darkness one goes through. He now lives in Boston Ma and is pursuing his writing career by releasing this published book, THE DARKNESS FROM WITHIN.  This book depicts once a broken boy who is now a confident man with an aurora of light who will stop at nothing to achieve his reality.