J. Ryan Caplinger

the darkness

from within

j. ryan caplinger


Ryan was born April 7, 1973  in a little rural town of West Union Ohio, he grew up broken as a child but no matter what he went through, he did not allow himself to succumb to his dark past. Though it took many years for him to understand there was a reason for his existence on this earth that he had his own purpose to tell a story. He has a voice that every generation can relate to. Years later Ryan learned his worth and that he is an amazing human being full of heart and kindness and will now stop at nothing in order to fulfill his dreams. Ryan learned that no matter what abuse we go through in life, that we have the power within ourselves to forgive and let go and take life as a gift and live it to the fullest extent. Through these stories you will be able to feel and envision and relate to the darkness one goes through. 

about the book

The darkness from within is something that everyone can relate to no matter what age what generation nobody gets through life unscathed . We all have a past, we all go through darkness and pain. No matter what darkness we go through in life it is up to us to see the light and find our way out. Have you ever  loved a narcissist and lost your own identity? Have you ever had your heart broken or broke someone’s heart? Have you ever lost someone you loved too soon and didn’t know how to say goodbye? Unfortunately, we all have it is up to us to fight the darkness from within and find the positive even if that means it was never your fault.

Customers reviews

Gripping, can put it down book. Many people will relate to the experiences in this book!
Ali Sendler
A must read for all ages
Sandra Kunis
Great Read!
Marcus Stuart